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How to Unlock Toyota Steering Wheel?

How to Unlock Toyota Steering Wheel Featured Image

How to Unlock Toyota Steering Wheel?

Did the steering lock accidentally? Looking for ways to unlock the steering wheel of your Toyota? Then you are in the right place.

Your car contains several functions you are unaware of, just like your phone has. The locking of the steering wheel is one of those functions.

Many cars already have this built-in feature, but people use club locks or anti-theft locks. If you don’t understand how it functions, it can puzzle you and stop you from driving your car.

A locked steering wheel might extremely annoy you, but trust me, it has a great purpose. We’ll talk about the process in this blog.

5 Steps to Unlock the Toyota Steering Wheel

Many people accidentally lock their steering wheels. If you did the same, don’t worry; you can easily unlock it.

Let’s dig into the process of how you can fix the problem:

  • Drag down the wheel to the point you previously did while locked.
  • Don’t be confused about the direction–try both sides. It will start to move if you try the wheel in the right direction.
  • Start the engine by placing your key in the ignition when it’s still in the right direction.
  • Move the wheel in the opposite direction and redo the above process if the wheel isn’t unlocked yet.
  • The steering is supposed to be unlocked now!

Cars with Start Buttons

An electronic deadbolt is what the steering wheel lock is. Twist the steering wheel vigorously using the left hand. Tap the start/stop button with your right hand simultaneously.

These methods should free your steering wheel and switch your ignition to ACC mode without starting the vehicle.

How to Disable the Steering Wheel Lock?

There are many ways to disable the steering wheel lock. Here are a few methods you can follow:

Using a replacement ignition set to unlock

Change the entire ignition set if your ignition lock cylinder is blocked and you don’t have the key.  Though your steering column will get partially dismantled for this, it’s a simple procedure.

Using slim jim

Use slim jim to unlock the steering wheel if you are unwilling to replace the whole ignition system. Although this approach needs some expertise and endurance, it usually works. 

Place the slim jim between the dashboard’s base and top. Carefully lift the slim jim until it hooks on the mechanical connection. Also, you must crank the key to release the steering wheel lock when the slim jim is in place.

Smashing the steering wheel lock

If everything else goes wrong, smash the lock. Make sure you’re ready while you do this because it will involve some force. Strike the middle of the mechanical connection with a blunt weapon to unlock the steering wheel.

If you apply enough pressure, the lock will break, allowing you to turn the key to release the steering wheel lock. Be careful when doing this because this won’t damage the lock only; the other parts can be damaged too.

What is the Reason for Steering Wheel to Lock?

Now that you know to unlock your steering wheel, find out what causes it to lock so you can prevent future problems. The wheel locks prevent theft if someone tries to turn it too much without the keys. You can also accidentally lock it.

How to Lock the Steering Wheel Intentionally?

The deliberate locking of your steering wheel has advantages. You will need it if you want extra security, like parking your car in a strange unknown place. Thus It will become hard for someone who shouldn’t be driving your car to start it while the steering wheel is locked.

So, to lock your steering wheel, follow these instructions:

  • Detach the keys from the ignition and turn them off
  • Move the steering wheel in either direction till you listen to the click
  • The wheels are now locked. Now you have to unlock it to start it again.

Locking steering wheels can be a great safety measure to follow while parking your car where you feel less secure.

Can I Use WD-40 to Unlock the Steering Wheels?

Yes, even your go-to WD-40 can be useful. It works well for lubricating metal and reviving rusty sections. The lock tumblers may have gotten old and frozen solid while your steering wheel is locked.

To loosen the tumblers, simply put the keys in and try turning them after spraying the WD-40. This is only a short-term fix. You should get your ignition assembly evaluated even if it does not work. Avoid taking a chance by postponing the repair while it is still in working order.

Final Words

The steering wheel system is responsible for controlling direction. It can get locked for several reasons. Hope you know the solution to unlock the steering wheel if it locks accidentally.

If you know the whole process and the things that need to be done, it’s nothing very difficult to unlock your car in no time.


How do you fix a locked steering wheel on a Toyota?

To fix a locked steering wheel Toyota, the key should be placed in the ignition and turned on in the “on” position. Jiggle the steering wheel forward and back according to the levels of pressure. This will start your car by unlocking the steering wheel.

How do you release a steering lock?

To release the steering lock, lightly move the steering wheel forward and back while applying the brake and pushing the start button once.

How do you unlock a steering wheel when the key doesn’t turn?

You should lightly move the steering wheel back and forth while applying the brake and push the start button once. You can remove your foot from the stop pedal, push the start button twice, and move the steering wheel simultaneously. The ignition will start with either choice.

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