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How to Start a Trucking Business?

how to start a trucking business

How to Start a Trucking Business?

Starting a truck business in this contemporary era is a productive idea. Trucking business makes sure that things are going to their destination. And the demand will remain the same in the future, so the trucking business will also sustain in this competitive time.

Nowadays, the trucking business is becoming more profitable than ever. For this reason, many people are trying to get involved in the truck business, which increases the competition in this field of business.

Before starting your truck business, you should know how you should do all the works. So in the following part, I will try to talk about this step by step.

Planning and Preparation

For starting anything, planning and preparations are mandatory. Without these two, you will fall in a difficult situation.

For starting your truck business at first, you have to make some plans and have to take some preparation. Whether you are starting a small or big business, this step is a must.

Best way to start trucking business is to start it as an owner-operator, which means you will participate in your daily work, and you have to have your truck.

If one doesn’t have any previous industry experience, they should have first collects proper commercial driver licenses. Whatever is the structure of your business, planning and preparation phase is important.

Business Plan Creation

Creating a business plan for any business is a wise initiative. And for a new trucking business, it is kind of fundamental.

There are two different formats to create a trucking business plan. They are-

Traditional Format of Business Plan

Traditional business plan format is broad, where it may include some important things. Such as-

  • Description of Company
  • Analysis of Market
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategy of Sales
  • Financial estimation
  • Workforce plan
  • Management & organization
  • Summary of Executive, etc.

Lean Startup Format

It is more flexible than the traditional ones, and it needs more details. Companies which predict future changes most of the time they use this format. It includes-

  • Main activities of the company
  • Key partnerships
  • Main resources of the company
  • Customer segmentation
  • Structure of cost etc.

Fulfilling Legal Requirements

For validity, owner-operators must have to fulfill several legal requirements such as- having transportation number, motor carrier number, international registration plan, and international fuel tax agreement stickers.


Commonly for starting a truck business, one would need approximately $10,000 to $30,000 investment. This investment will be enough for covering the expense of insurance, down payments for vehicles, permits of vehicles, and other state-specific expenditures.

For financing your trucking business, you have several options. You can acquire it by bank loan, by using the home equity credit line, by selling properties, or by using your savings. However, some lenders can give you the necessary assets, and you can also take from them.

Buying the Assets

For trucking business, your main asset is vehicles. It is always better to prefer quality over price to buy a vehicle. For a branded truck, you usually have to pay more this means it needs fewer repairs, less maintenance cost.

You can also buy second-hand trucks as long as they are well maintained and from the repeated brand.

Before buying a used truck, you should notice-

  • Body damage
  • Rust
  • Tire tread
  • Mileage of vehicles
  • Maintenance and oil change history of the truck


Every business should have insurance to protect it from unexpected financial burdens. Insurance should cover the risk of damages of vehicles and injuries as a result of road accidents. You can take advice from the trucking forum and social media communities for choosing insurance according to your needs.

Hiring and Retention of Drivers

Hiring efficient drivers is a difficult task. For recruiting a good driver at first, you should have an effective driver recruitment process. You can use a pre-screening program for analyzing prospective driver’s previous information.

For the retention emphasize on driver’s happiness rather than just focusing on cash incentives.

Increase Your Client Base

Loyalty towards one customer is not sustainable in the long run. You should diversify your client base. A good rule is to make sure that at least five different clients are sending you continuous supply. You should also keep attracting new clients. For this, you can take various steps.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Trucking Business?

If you don’t have a huge amount of capital, lots of trucks and drivers don’t become afraid of it. Maybe there are lots of truck companies who do have those things, but there are also small truck companies. And you can even start one with less capital.

At present, time demand for freight is rising, rates are also increasing, but drivers are scarce. These all reasons provide you a strong ground for starting your own trucking business.


I hope that from the following discussion, you have got one gist about how to start your trucking business. So, if you want to start your trucking business, simply follow these steps, and after following some steps, you will understand what you have to do in the next level.
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