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How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Highlander?

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Highlander Featured Image

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Highlander?

Toyota Highlander is better than any average car’s functionality. This car holds every ability to have the smoothest and most amazing ride ever. But it will only provide you with such amazing performance every time if it is maintained well.

Like every other car, this one needs care, too. In this regard, the maintenance light informs you that it’s time for a garage session. You just need to make sure the maintenance light has reset well.

So do you want to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Highlander but don’t know how? Worry not. In the following section, you will learn how to reset the maintenance light on Toyota Highlander.

But First, Why is the Maintenance Light Important?

The maintenance light indicates whenever your car needs to change its oil. It is a very important feature of a car to ensure on-time maintenance. Because when you miss changing the oil at the right time, it gradually damages your engine and reduces the fuel efficiency. 

But when you are on time, the efficiency boosts up automatically. Also, changing the oil regularly keeps the engine healthy and mechanics away.

How to Reset a Highlander Maintenance Light?

Let us learn the step-by-step details of resetting the maintenance light on a Highlander:

1. Start your car’s engine

First, you need to start your car’s engine. Turn your key to the “on” position. On the dashboard, you’ll find the number of miles.

2. Turn off the engine and hold down the trip meter reset button

Hold the button to turn off the maintenance light by pressing it for a few seconds. This can change the reading from the odometer to the trip meter in some models.

3. Start your Highlander again

Turn the key slowly back to the “on” position while maintaining your grip on the reset button. To start the engine, turn it to this position rather than the start position. Look at the odometer.

4. Keep pressing the reset button

Keep pushing the trim meter reset button, and check the odometer. The odometer will show a series of dashes. The normal odometer reading will show up on the screen.

5. Keep the reset button pressing

Now, press the reset button and hold after the usual odometer reading shows on the screen. Start your Toyota Highlander after releasing the reset button. On your dashboard, the maintenance light won’t be visible anymore.

Repeat the process as necessary until the light on your dashboard is not visible. The counter will be reset to 0, and you are done.

The odometer will count the miles until your car reaches the 5,000-mile milestone. Again, the light will turn on when your next oil change is due.

What to Do When Toyota Highlander’s Maintenance Light Turns On?

This light can say “MAINT REQD” on your dashboard, depending on the model of your car. The light will turn on to notify you that it is oil changing time.

No matter when you change your oil, you need to reset this light after you’re done. You must change its oil with the help of a trustworthy mechanic or a Toyota dealer so that you can get maximum efficiency and safety.

Your car will drive like a new car if you maintain your car and change the oil properly, improving fuel efficiency. Also, it will save your car parts from ultimate decay, saving you a ton of money over time.

As a warning, the light turns on automatically after 5,000 miles; but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your car is damaged. So, you can at least drive without tension when the dashboard light is on. The odometer reading of 5,000 miles is the only factor that triggers the Toyota Highlander maintenance light.

So, it is important to check the oil using a stick or other physical element, as the light is based on the odometer reading. There are instances where the odometer would flash even after a recent oil change.

Again, it can happen when the oil is changed and either your mechanic or the car dealer forgets to reset it. It can confuse and stress you, which is why the maintenance light needs to reset.

To Wrap Up

You may think your car has good health, but you can be wrong. And delaying your car’s regular checkup can lead to untimely damage. Like other cars, Toyota Highlander indicates whenever it requires an oil change and needs care for the engine.

Yet, it can be wrong sometimes, so check it well, even if the light is on, and let your car live a long healthy life.


How do you reset the maintenance light on a 2013 Toyota Highlander?

  1. Press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch one time (do not start the engine).
  2. Ensure the trip meter Readings are displayed. Switch off the ignition.
  3. D epress the “ENGINE START STOP” switch while pressing the Trip Meter reset button.

How do you reset the maintenance light on a 2014 Toyota Highlander?

  • Set the ignition to ON.
  • Next, turn Your odometer to the Trip A position.
  • Press the button to start the ignition and then stop it. You must turn the key ON now while maintaining your grip on the trip reset button.
  • Now, press Start twice without using the brake pedal.
  • Hold the trip reset button until the maintenance light goes off and your odometer reads 0 miles. 
  • When it turns off, you’re ready to go.

How do you reset the oil maintenance light on a 2015 Toyota Highlander?

  • Turn the ignition to the “RUN” position or press the “ENGINE START STOP” button once.
  • Verify that trip meter “A” is visible, then turn off the ignition.
  • Turn the ignition to the “RUN” position while maintaining pressure on the trip meter reset button, or push the “ENGINE START STOP” button once.
  • Hold the button down until “000000” appears on the screen.
  • Switch off the ignition.

How do you reset the oil maintenance light on a 2016 Toyota Highlander?

  • Slightly press the “ENGINE START STOP” switch one time (do not start the engine).
  • Ensure the trip meter Readings are displayed. Switch off the ignition.
  • While you are pressing the Trip Meter, reset button, briefly depress the “ENGINE START STOP” switch.

What should you do after changing the oil in a Toyota to turn the maintenance light back on?

In order to start the car, turn the ignition to position one after inserting your key. Turn your key to the second after you press and hold trip meter reset button on the dashboard. Hold the odometer down for ten seconds. Then the light should finally turn off after beeping and flashing.

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