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How to Be a Dispatcher for Trucking?

How to Be a Dispatcher for Trucking?

How to Be a Dispatcher for Trucking?

The main job of a truck dispatcher is matching truck drivers with loads that have to be picked up and delivered to the client’s destination. If you are looking for a highly growing job that has little downtime, then a job as a truck dispatcher is suitable for you.

As in this job you have to deal with both drivers and clients you have to strong customer service skills. Sometimes for finding a position, you need to move in a better location, and sometimes you can do such a job from home.

In the following part, I will discuss how to become a good truck dispatcher step by step from education to finding a position.

High School Graduation

Higher education is not mandatory for this job. However, a high school diploma is needed. Without it, perhaps you won’t be considered.

Admit in The Course of the Truck Dispatcher

Indeed, you don’t need higher education, but taking a short course of a truck dispatcher can give you advantages in this field.

You can find some online courses for this area, and also, there are schools specialized to train truck dispatchers.

Obtaining Degree in Logistics and Transportation

This job doesn’t always require a degree, but some companies may want this. So a bachelor’s degree in logistics and transportation can help you. Search schools that offer this course, or you can take an online course.

Acquiring Experience in Transportation or Shipping Industry

Experiences are always helpful though for this job, this not a must thing. But by gaining experience, you will gather some knowledge of state and federal laws about how they determine the limitation of roads and safety regulations.

Increasing Skills Related to Customer Service

A significant part of this job is to deal with customers directly. So developing your customer service skills is beneficial for this job, and it will assist you in providing better service to your customers.

By working in a retail shop and even in a call a center will improve this skill. Also taking an acting class can be helpful, and having communication with people who are different from you can assist you.

Focus on Your Communication Skill

This skill is important for this job. In this job, you have to talk and write to both customers and drivers continuously. So communication skill is necessary.

You have to be able to convey your message to the listeners most of the time at your first attempt. Also, try to be one active listener which will help you in better communication.

Moving to a Better Location

If you are expecting to earn a lot from this job, then try to move to a place where this job pays more.

Here another option is to choose an area where more truck dispatcher is needed.

Truck Dispatcher for One Company

If you want to be a truck dispatcher, then you can easily start this job with just one company. In this case, you will organize truckloads for only that company.

Consider Being a Freight Broker

You can also work for more than one company by moving loads for more than one company. In this case, you have to do some registration according to state rules.

After the registration, you will be able to set a company and can promote your brokering service. Also, you have the option to work under another registered freight broker.

Job Searching

For the searching job, you can use famous job sites along with prominent trucking and shipping company’s websites.

CV Making and Facing Interviews

You have to modify your CV according to the job requirements such as- communication skills, customer service skills, pressure management skills, etc. Try to show your skills in the interview.

Software Skill

In this job, most of the work is done by software. So you should learn about related software as much as possible. For this, you have to give extra time to gain knowledge about updated software.

Form Good Relationship with Drivers

Drivers are important in this field. They are delivering the product to customers. So when your drivers are happy, they will travel the extra mile for you when needed. Also, happy employees can provide a better outcome.

So make sure you know all your drivers and try to help them when they need your support.

Be Attentive to your Customers and Drivers Words

People always don’t say everything directly. In this job, you will mostly do your job with people through communication. So pay attention to their words and try to understand their needs by their words.

Be Calm

In this job, often you have to face extreme pressure. And all day calls and emails are common in this job. So don’t be panicked.

Learn how to deal with pressure and do your work smoothly.


These steps mentioned above are from my point of view. You can start following these if you want to be a truck dispatcher, and after some days, you will get to know about your further steps on your own.

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