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How Does a Lowboy Trailer Work?

Do you ever wonder how to carry tremendous weight? Let us say over 150 tons? We know that it is not easy to imagine, but there is. They are called lowboy trailer or low bed trailer. Some know them as floor lowered trailer or flat loading trailer.

Whatever the name be, these trailers are a lovely vehicle. The low-profile welded semi-trailers stand out thanks to their straight or angled lowering platform and their low curb weight!
Construction contractors can transport excavators, wheel loaders, pavers, and other heavy-duty construction equipment in the utmost comfort and safety. Thanks to the free pivot, the semi-trailer adapts to two or three-axle tractor vehicles! Do you want to know How does a lowboy trailer work? Well, read through.

What is a Low Bed (Low Boy) semi-trailer?

It is known as a low platform trailer. We refer to a tool that helps us transport, or as the name implies, to tow heavy objects easily, thanks to its unique shape. The first lowboy was used in 1920. This type of trailer is suitable for heavy and large loads.

A lowboy semi-trailer is also known as a low bed, bottom loader, drop deck, etc. Lowboy trailers are used to transport long distance or short distance equipment, or heavy transport. The improved I-beam makes the trailer extremely strong and durable, suitable for heavy traffic. The low floor height is quite small, which means low gravity and makes the whole trailer reasonably stable.

The low trailer could be tailored to design such as 2 axle, 3 axles or 4 axle or tarden axle to suit different payload. The width and height of the platform can also be changed. The lower the center of gravity, the more excellent stability and security, the transport of goods and the most substantial high-capacity air obstacles.

Here are some points that make lowboys an indispensable tool for the transportation and construction industry:

One of the traits that differentiate low platform trailers is the height of the trailer bed. Unlike a standard platform, whose height is uniform over 60 to 62 inches, a flat platform has two upper sections, along with a medium-low zone. The middle part of a low platform can only be 22 to 24 inches tall.
Most low-platform trailers have a hydraulic system that operates a hydraulic piston that lifts the container to engage the trailer unit after it has been loaded.

All lowboy is towed by a truck.
Suspension, most lowboy trailers have a hydraulic system that operates a hydraulic piston that lifts the trailer to engage once it has been loaded.
All have air brakes.
Variety; there are two-axle trailers with 8 tires, while large vans have three axles with 12 tires. There are also some exclusive heavy-duty trailers with for shafts and there are even large volume trailers with more than 4 axles. All lowboys have air brakes.

Load capacity, low bed trailers support from 10 tons to 100 tons of cargo, and in some lowboy, the gooseneck has a full turning radius to accommodate a double screw tractor.
In some lowboy, the gooseneck has a turning radius to accommodate a double screw tractor.
Safety, the mainframe of the trailer is constructed of high tensile strength material that is up to 38% stronger than steel on other trailers.


How does a lowboy trailer work?

Low bed trailers, better known by their English name “lowboy,” are distinctive elements for the transport of containers, equipment and heavy machinery Thanks to a series of characteristics that make them unique.
The vehicles are available in configurations from 2 to 8 axles, which can be lifted or swiveled, controlled automatically depending on the angle of the fifth wheel and manually using an independent wired or radio remote control. Especially for the needs of transporting various types of wheeled vehicles, passenger cars, vans, trailers, agricultural machines. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment of the extension and tilt of horizontal platforms, the length of the set and the increase in the loading area of the rear load drawer, this set can be quickly adapted to the type of transported load. The maximum length of the collection is 18.6 m. The loading tread is covered with perforated sheets, which ensures the possibility of securing the amount in every place and gives proper anti-slip properties. Thanks to the use of a separate hydraulic aggregate mounted on the semi-trailer, the need for a semi-trailer tractor with a hydraulic outlet is eliminated, which makes the operation of the semi-trailer effortless.

In Cranes Trailers and Equipment, we have a wide range of industrial cranes, trailers, platforms, and special lifting equipment to meet the different lifting, assembly and transport requirements of companies and individuals.

One of the critical issues for us related to low-loader transport is safety. It is essential not only to efficiently and safely load the transported goods and secure them against any displacement during transport. The security of employees handling such traffic is equally important, which is why high-quality materials are used in the production of semi-trailers and low-loader trailers, and the surfaces are covered with appropriate, non-slip materials, e.g., a special waterproof plywood or sheet.

Many goods transported in oversized transport are undersized, which is why low-loader carrier allows you to adjust the length and width of the semi-trailer (trailer) to the dimensions of the transported load.
There are kits for varied loads, from construction machinery with a recessed load deck and demountable semi-trailer components, to the transport of powerful loaders (widened and extended).

Final verdict
Specialized vehicles for oversized transport are continually evolving. Their possibilities are amazing. Every year, many vehicles reach their customers, from the simplest ones to the most complex, modular cars. After setting up the right equipment, the carrier will handle any problematic load; a large construction machine, agricultural, aircraft, wind turbine propeller, bridge span or the entire tram depot or railway locomotive. Low loader semi-trailers are specialist equipment. These lowboy vehicles make the work easy and straightforward.

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