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Double Drop Moving Van Trailer for Sale

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Double Drop Moving Van Trailer for Sale

In the transportation system, trailers made the process very easy and reliable. Due to the use of Trailers the load capacity of a vehicle has been increased to a great extent. Not far away, people struggled to carry a heavy load, it took more time and labor also. But, right now, with a blend of technology and trailers, it became so easier that we can carry tons of materials.
To meet the challenge of carrying heavyweight, trailers were introduced and getting popularity more and more. Big companies who produce heavy goods or have to buy heavy goods face challenges, to supply or buy their daily necessities. Hence, they use trailers to facilitate their business, so do other people.

What is a Trailer?

Generally, a trailer is a non-motorized vehicle with axles and tires with it. It attached with a hinge or other system of a motorized vehicle. The main function of a trailer is to facilitate the uses and load capacity of a vehicle. Moreover, it made the transportation system easy and stable when we need to carry some heavy load.
There are different types of Trailers according to its use and functions. For example-
• Motorcycle Trailer
• Bicycle Trailer
• Car Trailer
• Travel Trailer
• Construction Trailer
• Semi-Trailer
• Full Trailer
• Mobile homes trailer
• Gooseneck Trailer Etc
In US trailer became very popular and it has replaced with some facilities, which can be interchangeable with mobile homes and travel trailers. Moreover, there are trailer parks, which mean the area where trailers can be placed.
In this article, we will discuss the double drop Trailer

What is Double Drop Trailer?

Double drop trailer, it also is known as Lowboy or Gooseneck trailer. Generally, in a double drop trailer, it has two drops, one is at the front and the other is on the end. It is also known as RGN (Removable Gooseneck Trailer) because it is removable.
A double drop trailer is generally used in industrial or agricultural purposes to carry the heavy load. It has some extra features which cannot be found in other types of trailers. The weight capacity of a double drop trailer is higher than the others. Some basic features of a double drop trailer

Weight Ratings

The load capacity of a double drop trailer is ranging from 20-50 Tones. This feature made this trailer unique from the others. More increasingly, the high capacity load ratings facilitate the vehicle by reducing the total load of it. A double drop trailer or gooseneck trailer is used to meet the industrial requirements as well as heavy load requirements. Big cars and materials like big transformers are generally carried by this trailer. As the double drop trailer has a ground clearance lower than the others, more accessibility facilitates the loading and unloading process also.


The stability of a trailer refers to the provision in which a vehicle can easily carry the load. The hinge mounted system of the trailer provides more stability. Moreover, in a double drop van trailer, the axles are connected through the surface of the truck with a strong hitch. It ensures more stability and safety also. That is why a double drop trailer is the safest type of trailer on the road. A bumping trailer can cause a tremendous accident on the highway. The axle system ensures the safety of a double drop trailer to transport heavy loads with a truck. So the driver feels less pressure on the truck rather than the pressure distributes through the body and its tires.

Better load and Weight Distribution

The different sizes of the trailer provide a better load and weight distribution across the trailer. The customized size of the trailer facilitates load carrying of different sizes and weights. In conventional trailers the hitch can carry only 10-15% of the load distribution; on the other hand, it is 20-25% in double drop trailers.

Better control and maneuverability

The hitch connected into the back of the truck provides better control and maneuverability of the double drop van system. In a double drop trailer, the control is more sophisticated than the conventional one. It ensures the drivers a greater control on the U-turn, braking system, and especially in the back gear system. More increasingly, compared to the bumped trailer, the double drop trailer is capable to take more loads and to do this the control system is also increased at an advanced level. However, this makes a double drop van trailer more costly than others.

More height adjustment

The double drop trailer gives access to a higher height than a conventional trailer. The height adjustment capacity ranged from 32’’ which is higher than other types of trailer. Again, as the double drop trailers are very low, it facilitates the loading and unloading process. For an oversized freight double drop trailer is very fruitful. The load capacity, weight adjustment, and height adjustment capacity make it significant from other types of trailers.

Less chance to be stolen

A common problem can be seen that, the thievery which tends to steal the trailers. The trailers like small-sized, which have an easy coupling system, can be stolen easily. On the contrary, the size and tech-savvy process of coupling have decreased the rate of stolen trailers. It is not easy to operate a double drop than if you are not well equipped. Hence there are fewer chances to be stolen a gooseneck trailer. Moreover, it is not easy to handle such a big sized trailer.


Though all the trailers are very helpful to carry loads or freights, a double drop trailer is significant from others. It is not only easy to handle but also provides the best quality services and high security to transport big freight.  In recent days, big industries and agricultural machinery are carried by double drop trailers as it is suitable to sustain that much load. After all, the importance of a double drop trailer needs no telling.

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