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what does power Only mean in trucking

What Does Power Only Mean in Trucking

In recent days, trucking has become very popular because the shipment of heavy loads or materials is easy by trucking. Logistic companies and other shipping companies also tend to use this medium of transportation due to its flexibility and simplicity. Companies or individuals who need to shift his things within a very short time to a long way; power trucking is an easy solution for them. It is easy to load and unload, safety ensured, and cost-effective also. Power trucking service is available all over the world and the safest medium to ship your goods with reduced risk to damage. However, you have to find the best one amongst many companies, who are

What is trucking?

In general, trucking is the service to dispatch goods or necessary items from one place to another. It can be from one country to another or inside the country. It needs a driver and a vehicle generally. In trucking service, the forwarder generally arranges the products he has to send and the company is responsible for the whole transportation process. A driver, who has given the necessary documents by the authority, manages the dispatching process. Trucking is popular and people find it more useful because the load capacity is generally high than other conventional transports like bus or private cars. For example, a person who wants to shift from one city to another or another country, a private car is not an ideal option for him. In contrast, a truck can carry heavy loads such as big cars or other materials.

What is power only trucking?

The concept of power only trucking came to mind later due to some necessities and other prospects of it. In power only tracking there is a trailer hinged or joined with the truck. The truck only gives the power to run it rather than taking the whole load into it. The main features of a power trucking are, you do not need to worry about the load, the size of the load, and also the arrangement of goods in a congested area like a conventional truck or vehicles. You can modify the load and the trailer. Moreover, you do not need extra arrangements or manpower rather than only a driver or sometimes many concerning the size of the trailers. A power only trucking is a modified version of a general truck or load carrying vehicles. Though trucking is popular, sometimes people find some difficulties because of its confined area. That is why power trucking comes with a more flexible and customized option. Customers find it more convenient, so do the logistic companies.
We can differentiate the power only trucking system into two main parts
• Trailers (Unpowered Part)
• Power Centre (Truck Itself)
A trailer is added with the body by a rope or string, or nut bolt. The truck only supplies the power needed to run the vehicle. Companies who provide power trucking either provide the trailers or the customer itself.

What is a Trailer?

A trailer is generally an unpowered vehicle with axels or tires, which can be added into a motorized vehicle. It can be used for many purposes such as motorcycle trailers, semi-trailers, car trailers, travel trailers, mobile homes, etc. The US trailer became very popular and it has replaced with some facilities, which can be interchangeable with mobile homes and travel trailers. Moreover, there are trailer parks, which mean the area where trailers can be placed.

Advantages of Power Only Trucking


The most important feature of power trucking is it can be modified according to its needs. It is possible to add one or more than one trailer with the truck. Moreover, the additional option to add trailers of all sizes makes it more flexible and user-friendly. Though heavy load means the high capacity of the engine, it can carry a high load with very minimum energy.

Weight Capacity

Generally, the trailer is attached to the body or chassis of the truck, so the truck does not need to bear the whole load of the goods or materials rather than it only pull the trailer. The maximum loads carried by trailer itself. Compared to a conventional truck which itself carry all of its loads, the power load truck can carry a high load with high efficiency. This weight loading capacity makes a power truck instinct than others. It can carry a wide range of goods weighted from a single motorcycle to big sized vehicles and the size can be increased or decreased, according to the size of the goods or materials.


It is not so cheap to carry a heavyweight load by air or other transport medium compared to a medium like power only trucking. However, it is not only costly but also not hard to transport things with tons of weight.

The power only truck service is popular as a cheap medium of transportation also. Figures found that it is the most convenient way compared to others, and sometimes it is the only way you can travel a place, for example, hill tracks or in a remote place far from the countryside.

Loading and Unloading

More increasingly, the loading and unloading process is so simple that one or two-person is enough to maintain the loads. Only one driver can run the vehicle, as there is an electrical braking system available, control is also easy.


The unique features of a power only trucking make it popular. The number of companies that provide power only trucking service is also increasing and became a success because of the high demand factor of this. Again, with the help of the technology new features are added daily, and soon, it became pivotal to logistic service and transportation service.

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