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Our Vehicles

The Fun FORD Guy is in the industry for more than 20 years serving our customers as their trusted car dealer. As a reputable dealer, we are aligned with many branded car manufacturers and top dealers also. We have built a reputation with those renowned brands that our clients are getting affordable financing feature of all kinds.

Well, talking about financing, our dealership financing is available during your purchase. Before that, please go through our inventory to select your car from our car vault. Here are the brands and types of vehicle we are providing our services. Let’s see them at a glance.


We have dealership of one of the most reputed car brand “Ford”, and you can buy any car of the brand from our list. Check our inventory for choosing a vehicle that makes you happy if you do not have one already. Otherwise, if you have selected a car then contact us, we have all financing options that you may need.

We will help you to get the best deal for your selected car and remember, from explaining any specifications of any vehicle to deliver it to your place is our responsibility. All you need to do is, pick the right car for you and select the best car financing option that you can afford. Rest of the task, we will do for you.

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We have dealership financing options for the brand, along with any other credit options. Our services are customer-friendly so that they can have their selected vehicle and afford the financing smoothly. Contact us for your queries related to your purchase or any other relevant information, and we are here for you.

Used cars

We also provide “Used Cars” buying facility with various financing options. In this type of cars, we store after checking all the features and parts of the vehicle. It ensures that optimum quality vehicles that you will love as they are used ones. We have an inventory of used cars from various brands if you do not have selected your vehicle already.

If you are searching for an affordable used car, then just go through our available vehicles. Hopefully, you will get the one you desire because the quality of our car is best for their condition. You will find any vehicle form luxury cars to personal trucks if you need one. We will help you to get the best deal


Commercial Trucks

The Funfordguy is also providing commercial trucks of various kinds. In our service period of such length, we have hundreds of customers those purchased commercial trucks. We have sold most types of it, including box trucks, service trucks, dump trucks, contractor trucks, covered utility vans, platform trucks, cargo vans.

We have dealership financing feature for these commercial trucks if you need. Besides these, we also allow any other financing options that you can arrange. However, check our inventory for choosing the best commercial truck that serves your requirements if you have not selected yet.



We also have a whole lot vehicle in our pre-owned inventory, that you may be interested in. Each car in our pre-registered car list are fresh and nurtured. We are getting new customers who want pre-owned cars that are running well, and we believe that we can satisfy you. You can choose any pre-owned vehicle, including cars for personal use, luxury vehicle, commercial vehicles, etc.

Like others, we have financing feature for this particular type of vehicle also. We do not lack any opportunity to help our clients by making easier their purchase. Direct financing and dealership financing, you can get any one of these two you can choose to pay.


Fun Ford

The Fun Ford is another reputed Ford dealer that achieved two dealership awards. We are aligned with Fun Ford as one of tursted sales partners for a while now. They have a large inventory of cars that can really serve all of your Ford-Needs. Our alignment with them is pretty straightforward that if you choose a car from their list at our place, then our offers will apply to your purchase.

No need to worry about the financing, because we are there for you while purchasing from our shop. We have dealership financing feature enabled for you as well as you can pay through direct financing. We will help you to apply for any of them. See our recommendations before you apply for credit.


Want to Buy Your Favourite Vehicle?

Well, that is all for our vehicle inventory. If you want any help with buying your desired car or any commercial vehicle, then contact us. Our experienced representatives will respond to you with answers for your query.

Visit our car vault and inventory and go through until you get your favourite one if you do not have selected yet. Use our contact form below, and you will get everything to solve within a short period.

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