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How much does a new semi-truck cost?

Buying a vehicle at an unreasonable price is one of the most financially uncomfortable mistakes you can make. Not to mention, it is one of the most serious mistakes you can make. In addition to the purchase price, you must also pay for insurance, maintenance, parking tickets, or a resident subscription. When you add up all these fees, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how much you cost your vehicle!

Same goes while buying a new semi-truck. If you are wondering How much does a new semi-truck cost, you are in the right spot. We are here to discuss all the aspects of pricing a new semi-truck.

How much does a new semi-truck cost: the factors?

The value of a semi-truck is determined by a multitude of factors that are not always easy to evaluate. Mileage, seasonality, or negotiation, discover the elements that affect the price of your vehicle.

It’s undeniable that the making, model, and year are three critical factors that determine the value of your semi-truck. But there are many other equally important ones. When buying your semi-truck, it is essential to know how to value your vehicle.

First, you have to determine what kind of semi-truck you need. Because that will help to determine the price mostly. There are several types available according to your need. For example, if you need something to carry a large number of things, you’ll need carrier trucks. Their characteristics are already their weight, a minimum of 3.5 tons, and an ability to withstand a total load of up to 40 tons.
There are several other semi-trucks such as the dump truck. It is used in the field of public works or the road. Depending on the purpose of use, the dump truck may be equipped with a crane. The dump truck can also be of type bi or tri bucket.

The other semi-trucks are-

• The tank trucks
• The Ampliroll truck
• The refrigerated truck
• The chariot trucks
• The van trucks

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Mileage is a factor of paramount importance in determining the value of a semi-truck. It is also closely related to the age of the vehicle and the state in which it is. A semi-truck loses value each year from the moment it first enters into the market. We consider the average mileage of 6.5 mpg for a diesel. Although this mileage varies from 2-8 mpg. Semi-trucks might have a distance of 2.9 mpg while running uphill. Surprisingly, it can achieve a range of up to 23 mpg while running downhill. It can widely affect the price of a semi-truck.

Space and capacity

You can classify semi-trucks by power but not by the volume of loading because they do not have one. They are carrier vehicles or tractors on which a semi-trailer will be fixed Which is entirely dedicated to the storage of transported goods.

The ranges of semi-trucks are extremely varied. Here are the most common:
– 5-axle semi-trailer of 94 m3
– Five axles semi-trailer of 103 m3
– combined (semi-trailer + trailer) 5 axles of (53 + 61) m3
At equivalent volume, the total laden mass may be greater if the number of axles or wheels is increased:
– 5-axle semi-trailer tractor (18 wheels)
– 6-axle semi-trailer tractor unit (22 wheels)
– 7-axle semi-trailer tractor (26 wheels)

The model

It is not rocket science. A popular semi-truck from renowned brands will cost more. It’s a question of supply and demand. It is sometimes better to choose a vehicle whose tendency is rising even when its aesthetics do not please you particularly.
Whenever a new, more efficient model enters the automotive market, all semi-trucks in the same lineup lose their value. Older models remain for a long time at the dealers, and the costs drop quickly.

The type of engine

The basic principle is simple: with bigger and more powerful trucks, it is possible to carry more goods with fewer vehicles in circulation. It has the effect of reducing fuel consumption and the climate impact compared to volumes transported. The fact is that, for several decades, the demand for more efficient transport has encouraged the development of increasingly powerful trucks. In the mid-1970s, a power of 350hp was considered high. Today, you have to add an extra 100hp to get the average power of a long-haul truck. These days environment-friendly semi-trucks are also encouraged to protect the environment. Many semi-truck companies are actively and continuously working to reduce the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of its trucks. These will determine the price.


Options and extras play a vital role in the purchase of your semi-truck. Indeed, the value of a semi-truck increases depending on the options available. A suspension lifetable by the pneumatic system helps in smooth driving. This suspension allows truckers to raise the second axle when the truck is empty or to generate rear raction under challenging situations. Also, this system makes it possible to increase the life of the tires of the second front axle and slightly reduce the fuel consumption.

Total Cost of ownership

Beyond the purchase price, the total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the Cost that organizations must bear since acquisition until their final end-of-life disposition. Divisions other than purchases often defray these costs. For this reason, they are rarely considered as a whole at the acquisition stage. Upon purchasing a brand-new Semi-truck, you have to consider TCO too.

What is the market price these days?

Considering the factors described above a nee semi-truck will cost from 110,000$ to 195,000$. Like we said before, the Cost varies with the features and models.

For example, if you need a semi-truck for local transportation, it will cost from 100,000$ to 150,000$. But when you need a semi-truck for long-distance transport, it will cost much higher (120,000$ to 175,000$).

The most expensive ones are the heavy-duty semi-trucks which can cost up to 195,000$.

Define your needs and your budget

First, it is essential to determine which model you are looking for. Depending on the routes that the truck will perform or the type of goods it will transport, different models or examples are available.

You must also define your budget before starting to look for an offer. Estimating the price of a truck is quite difficult because its body can be worth up to twice its price.

 Do the trucks of this price worth it?

In short, why not? In this budget, you will get nothing but the best. Most of the semi-trucks in this budget are durable and versatile. They tend to run for a longer time. There is no doubt that you will get a satisfying service.

Final verdict

We know how hard it is to decide to buy a new semi-truck. Especially when it costs a fortune. That is why we tried to help you with the pricing. Hopefully, now you know How much does a new semi-truck cost. A little advice for you: Always consult with an expert before buying a semi-truck. It will help you determine the perfect price.

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