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Best trailer for hotshot trucking

The hotshot trucking sector is an integral part of consumer goods reaching the retail shelves. Self-employed drivers and hot shot trucking companies carry about 70% of all products arriving on our shelves. Hot trucking gives you the freedom to work for the freight carriers you choose. While many companies use semi-trailers and semi-trailers to distribute and move their products in one region, others use the services provided by the hot-trucking companies. But what is Best trailer for hotshot trucking?
Keys talk about that.

Hotshot trucking

The truck drivers are independent drivers of the hotshot trucking sector. These drivers transport goods for any company or carrier without signing an obligation agreement. Truck drivers have their schedule and the routes they choose. These drivers are allowed to pick up and deliver their cargo, choose the carrier for which they wish to work.

Best trailer for hotshot trucking

A hotshot trucking company uses heavy and smaller trucks to transport items to customers. Their services are often used by small businesses that do not have enough products to justify the expense of a large semi-trailer or semi-trailer. There is a wide range of trailers for hot shot trucking. Such as-

1. Semi-trailer/ tipper trailer:For the transport of goods in bulk

Designed for the transport of bulk goods, Especially for construction sites. Its body has a hefty load capacity. Its classic use is the transport of sand, gravels or ores. But it can also be used to move cereals from one point to another. Practical and fast. The steps of loading or unloading are done by a tilt towards the rear of the vehicle. Usually, people use a jack.

2. Semi-trailer/ trailer with moving floor:For unloading from behind

This is a bucket whose bottom is made of aluminum blades. These blades move from front to rear of the vehicle. Shifting of the edge allows the unloading of goods transported to the back of the body. As a result, no tilting device is needed. The moving floor makes it possible to load loose materials or pallets.

3. flatbed semi-trailer/ trailer: For high-rise parts

The flatbed trailer is used when the goods to be transported are not likely to be damaged by rain or adverse weather conditions. There are flatbed trailers called “lowers.” As the name suggests, it has a lower part allowing the loading of significant components like industrial parts and even the transport of straw bales.

4. -Semi-trailer/ trailer with extendable frame: For long pieces

This body is ideal when the goods are particularly long. It can indeed lengthen by sliding or extension.

5. Tautliner semi-trailer/ trailer: For secure handling of tarpaulins

The Tautliner trailer consists of a tray and a sliding curtain cover on the sides and top. It makes the sheeting step much easier and faster. The cloth is fixed using pre-installed straps and a tensioner.

6. Savoyard semi-trailer/ trailer: Great versatility

A Savoyard container is made of a tray already covered with sideboards or poles and bars.This body is completely dismantled, which avoids confronting the inconvenience of uncovering.

7. Tank trailer /semi-trailer: For transporting liquids

Tanks are used when transporting goods in the form of liquids, pearls, or granules. They may consist of a single container or several compartments.
“Powdery” tanks are mainly dedicated to the transport of polystyrene beads, grains or flours. The loading is carried out above the truck. Unloading is done via compressor or tilting (using a cylinder and relying on gravity).
Chemical tanks are necessary when the products to be transported likely to cause severe damage or a particular chemical hazard. These vehicles have a container of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, or even special coating to withstand any chemical attack.
Oil tanks are intended to carry black products (heavy fuel oil, bitumen) or white (gasoline, diesel, oil).A special authorization is required to transport in a petroleum tank. The presence of safe equipment (fire extinguishers, battery cutters, etc.) is also essential.
The food tanks are compartmentalized into different chambers for receiving liquids. It can be food products (milk, syrup, juice), chemical or oily.

8.Refrigerator semi-trailer/ trailer:Toregulate the temperature of goods

It is equipped with a device called the refrigeration unit to lower the temperature inside the vehicle body. The refrigeration system helps reach -20 ° C when the outside temperature is + 30 ° C. Contrary to popular belief, the refrigerated trailer does not produce cold but lowers the temperature. This means that the more hot air is allowed to enter the crate, the longer it takes for the indoor temperature to be suitable for cold/fresh products. This type of rolling stock can be used for the transport of fruits and vegetables, for example.

9. Container semi-trailer/ trailer:To multimodal transport

Destined as its name suggests for the transport of containers, the container carrier comes in a version for bulky goods but not fragile.

10. Van semi-trailer/ trailer:Tosecure the goods

This type of trailer or semi-trailer is intended to protect the rights transported through its rigid walls. Waterproof and equipped with tail lifts, some models are equipped with sliding panels to load from the side. Van trailers are Easy to maintain and not subject to strong wind resistance. Vans also have a significant advantage: to protect themselves appropriately against theft (via padlocking).


Other trailers for the transport of specific goods

Car transporter or truck carrier

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The gear carrier

This body is designed to carry imposing and heavy equipment (type agricultural machinery). It can have 2 to 5 axles. It is suitable for exceptional convoys since it allows loading weights and huge dimensions.

The body “spinning top.”

This type of vehicle is used in the field of construction and public works to transport concrete to a construction site safely. By allowing rotation of the tank, this bodywork allows continuing mixing the concrete to prevent it from becoming unusable on arrival. On the other hand, this model is equipped with a device facilitating the extraction of the mixture to limit the unloading times.

The livestock

This type of vehicle is dedicated to the transport of animals.

The logging truck

These are trailers specially designed for the transport of lumber or logs.

The glass holder

Intended for the transport of glass, it is systematically mounted on air cushions. This unique character allows it to protect its merchandise from bumps/shocks related to irregularities of the road.

As you have noticed, the range of bodies for trailers and semi-trailers is pervasive, and for a good reason. This choice must be well controlled so that the transport takes place under the best conditions. This choice will preserve the quality of the merchandise. Any trailer here can be considered the best trailer for hotshot trucking.

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